Saddle Rock, Using the horse's natural awareness of rhythm to obtain a physical and emotional balance point.

​I am a musician. I am a horseman. Until recently they were two separate parts of  who I am.                    The musician  and the horseman are now one.

In a two part harmony neither voice is heard individually rather a third, new voice is created. Saddle Rock is about teaching you  how to give your horse the freedom to add his voice and for the two of you to add his voice, creating that two part harmony - that third voice- together.                  I am a certified Richard Shrake Resistance Free Trainer and committed to Bill Dorrance's teachings making the right thing obvious, setting things up for success, and working within the horse's timeline.  

           The dressage training pyramid of rhythm, relaxation,connection, impulsion, straightness, rhythmic collection become available with Saddle Rock.                                                                   The rhythm comes from the horse, timing is our ability to harvest that rhythm.  In our ground work and riding I like to maintain an awareness of the horses natural rhythm. The rhythm I am talking about is how the horse would move when walking up to either greet friends,  or grab a snack.  I enjoy the look a horse has when they are moving along with a meaningful purpose. There is a phrase I would like to coin "Universal Metronome" this would be my version of being in the moment. The heartbeat of the world going on as we share our time together,  in that single moment an awareness of our timing in relationship with our horse, where we are going , what we are doing together, the sounds of the outside world,  and the sounds of synchronized rhythm ,  the visual backdrop of this partnership unfolding.  My approach is blending technique with acceptance. Setting things up to work then allowing them to naturally develop.            Photo's courtesy of Laurie Covino, Sunshine and Saddles

Dan McCarthy