Copy of Flowing into Rhythmic Organization!!!

I am very grateful and excited to share the concepts of what I call Saddle Rock. Over the past 10 years I have been exploring and refining the possibilities of using music to unlock the potential of horse and rider. The rewards are endless, a positive avenue opens up sparking idea after idea. I am thinking of my workshops now as a co creative relaunch, demonstrating and sharing foundation elements then following the flow. The flow is where we start, the path of least resistance. When we can abandon the idea of making things happen and blend into an existing action things do get easy. Later learning to follow a horse and how they move will be the foundation for your ride. When you can show a horse that following agrees and supports their actions your relationships shifts from a beast of burden to a willing partner that will share the load. The foundation element of rhythmic organization is the second important concept we will explore. The ability to get yourself organized in a flowing rhythmic fashion, slowing down to collect your thoughts in action preceding a transition that is rhythmic organization. I will use music here also to help develop that ability. This is different then multitasking it is much more about being present in the moment and focusing on the process of slowing down. Refining this concept with a horse leads to that magic spot of where there is seamless communication between you and the horse, that feels as good as it looks. The intro workshops will be built on the exposure to these concepts then exploring together the positive flow.

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