The Saddle Rock Program ;

 Music is know as the universal  language.  The song will act as our translater . Rhythm and energy will flow in motion as it should,  in balance with our intent.   This provides the forward motion for our dance. 

Lesson one ,  learning how a balanced horse moves in rhythm, learning to follow and trace that rhythm.   We start on the ground and progress to the saddle.

Lesson Two; Introducing music, finding the rhythm in the song and lift it creates bringing energy for motion .   After reviewing the rhythmic aspect of the horse and rider we begin to add some sparkle. The engery we have found that lives in song will become our energized forward motion. 

 Classical Dressage honors a training pyramid, that of  Rhythm, Relaxation, Connection, Impulsion, Straightness andCollection. These elements are present in the foundation of Saddle Rock. We go with the horse first to find their natural rhythm. We learn to follow before we drive. The clarity of action , if I am going with you I support and agree with what you are doing , if I begin to resist we are gathering for a transition. We view and ride the horse from the back to the front. We learn through the horses rhythm what is going on underneath us, thus being able to influence direction when it is available.  We learn to release a horse into action adding energy for more forward. The most important part, all of this is allowed to unfold with a smile on our face. 

 Lesson Three; Now we are ready to address direction,  we begin with groundwork . We will discuss the most effective ways of directing the horse while keeping the hindquarters engaged. In the beginining we will seperate moving the hindquarters then the forehand . The more advanced lateral work will move the whole horse. The ability to move and ride a horse straight will not be overlooked. 

Lesson Four, Reintroducing Music; During the day songs will be played in rotation,  as a group we will select one or two . This is where the fun really starts ,  the song will be broken down into measures,  I will teach you how to count them and keep tract of the measures as the song is being played. Giving everybody some soak time,  either on the ground or horseback you will walk around listening to the song being played. I will put in gentle reminders of where we are in relationship to the measures. 

Lesson Five, We will review the day up to this point . There is no pressure for you or the horse to perform . We are interested in what you can do together under your direction. You are now going to create a dance . Taking all that you have learned throughout the day {keeping in mind what felt good}you are going to put that in motion , again either on the ground or on horseback. Using the song that we have selected together the experience of having a willing dance partner will unfold.